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Notable Cases in the News Featuring Criminal Defense Attorney Alfredo Izaguirre

Miami criminal defense attorney Alfredo Izaguirre has been involved in many notable cases during his tenure as a Florida criminal defense lawyer, including appearing for the defendant-appellant in United States. v. Hall, a case which forced the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to change the definition of what constitutes an identity theft victim. You can read the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals full decision by clicking here. The Daily Business Review declared that this decision “could have ripple effects across the country on how courts sentence identity thieves.”

Below are links to other stories which have appeared in the media regarding various recent high-profile cases handled by Alfredo Izaguirre.

Former Colombian soldier pleads guilty in 2021 assassination of Haiti’s president | AP News

“Mario Antonio Palacios Palacios, 45, pleaded guilty to three charges, including conspiracy to commit murder or kidnapping outside the United States, during a brief hearing before federal Judge José E. Martínez. Seated next to his attorney, Alfredo Izaguirre, Palacios answered “Yes, your honor,” in Spanish when the judge asked if he was pleading guilty.”

Article in AP News

“A former Colombian soldier charged in U.S. federal court with conspiracy to murder for his role in the assassination of Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moise, confessed to FBI agents about the plot shortly before he surrendered to U.S. authorities last year and was transported to Miami.”
David C. Adams
Article in Univision

Colombian man pleads not guilty to conspiring to kill Haiti’s Moise
Brian Ellsworth
Article in Reuters

La Presse
Le Colombien accusé aux États-Unis plaide non coupable
Agence France-Presse
Article in La Presse

Le Colombien accusé aux États-Unis plaide non coupable” and use the following for the excerpt “Mario Palacios est accusé par la justice américaine d’avoir participé au « complot visant à séquestrer ou assassiner » le président Jovenel Moïse. « Il va plaider non coupable », a indiqué son avocat Alfredo Izaguirre devant le tribunal de Miami où est jugée l’affaire.

The New York Times
U.S. Charges a Suspect in Assassination of Haiti’s President
Frances Robles and Anatoly Kurmanaev
Article in The New York Times

The United States has charged a retired Colombian commando with taking part in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti — the first suspect to face U.S. prosecution in the crime.
Mario Palacios was detained at an airport in Panama on Monday and flown from there to Miami, after previously agreeing to cooperate with U.S. law enforcement, according to federal prosecutors. He appeared before a federal judge on Tuesday and was charged with conspiring to kidnap or kill outside the United States. He was held without bond.
Alfredo Izaguirre, a lawyer who was appointed to represent Mr. Palacios, said he would most likely plead not guilty at a pretrial hearing scheduled for later this month.

The Miami Herald
Man acquitted of murder bear hugs attorney
Jay Weaver
Article in Miami Herald Part I
Article In Miami Herald Part II

Norge Manduley was facing the death penalty if convicted of the murder of a rival gang member in a kidnapping gone awry. After a week-long trial, the jury returned a not guilty verdict on the murder and kidnapping charges. Mr. Izaguirre was able to produce witnesses and other evidence to overcome the testimony of the prosecution’s four witnesses, including eyewitnesses at the scene, who identified Manduley as the shooter.

Poder 360
Stolen $3.7 million dollar Matisse painting Part I
Stolen $3.7 million dollar Matisse painting Part II
Stolen $3.7 million dollar Matisse painting Part III
Siobhan Morrissey

More than ten years after it went missing from an art museum in Caracas, Venezuela, the FBI arrested two people in Miami trying to sell a valuable work of art by renowned painter Henri Matisse. The original art thieves apparently replaced the original with a forgery at the time of the theft. Alfredo Izaguirre, representing one of the individuals charged with possession of stolen property and other offenses, argued that the painting his client is charged in possession of is itself a fake.

Naples Daily News
Federal judge to decide accused smuggler’s case Headline
Federal judge to decide accused smuggler’s case Article
Elysa Batista

As attorney for one of two men accused of smuggling 20 Cuban nationals into Florida, criminal defense attorney Alfredo Izaguirre filed a motion to dismiss statements his client made to Border Patrol agents after his arrest. Mr. Izaguirre argued that his client did not have a federally certified interpreter present during questioning and that improper interviewing procedures led his client to unknowingly waive his right to remain silent.

El Nuevo Herald (en español)
Gang of armed robbers are arrested
Alfonso Chardy

Federal agents and Miami police arrested two individuals they believed to be part of a network of armed robbers targeting taxi drivers and delivery drivers. One of the individuals arrested, Lionell Sanders, is alleged to have shot a taxi driver during one of the robberies and was charged with Attempted Carjacking With a Deadly Weapon and Possession of a Firearm During a Crime of Violence. Sanders’ attorney, Alfredo Izaguirre, has stated there is insufficient evidence to convict his client and expects to take the case to trial.

The Miami Herald
Narcotics trafficking $27 million
Alfonso Chardy

Three men were charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine in connection with a boat interdicted by the U.S. Coast Guard off the Panama coast with over one ton of cocaine onboard. Alfredo Izaguirre, representing one of the men arrested, indicated that his client was not a knowing participant in a drug smuggling operation but may have been working on the boat without being told the nature of the voyage.

El Nuevo Herald (en español)
Contrabando de narcoticos $27 millones Part I
Contrabando de narcoticos $27 millones Part II
Alfonso Chardy

This article is a Spanish version of the above story from the Miami Herald, its sister newspaper.

El Nacional (en español)
Cilia Flores Nephews May Negotiate Until the Eve of Trial

Television Appearances

InsideOut PTV
How to protect yourself from ID Fraud

Incidents of identity fraud occur in the US every three seconds with a price tag of over $20 billion. Florida has the highest rate of identity theft in the country, but the numbers are on the rise nationwide. Alfredo Izaguirre was interviewed for the story as an expert in identity fraud.


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