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Coral Gables Prostitution Defense Attorney

Having a conviction for any type of prostitution-related offense on your criminal record can have a devastating effect on both your personal and professional reputations. There are many different potential criminal offenses related to prostitution set out by Florida law and both law enforcement and prosecutors take these offenses very seriously. Because these offenses can have harsh consequences including probation and jail time, anyone facing allegations of prostitution in Miami or Coral Gables should contact experienced Coral Gables prostitution defense attorney Alfredo A. Izaguirre for help immediately.

Types of prostitution charges

Though the traditional view of a prostitution defendant is a woman, Florida law covers many different types prostitution-related offenses, including:

  • Offering to engage in prostitution;
  • Soliciting someone else to engage in prostitution;
  • Purchasing prostitution-related services;
  • Owning, residing in, or entering any building or structure for prostitution purposes;
  • Arranging a meeting for the purposes of engaging in prostitution
  • Offering prostitution services provided by another person;
  • Directing or transport anyone to a location for prostitution purposes; and
  • Aiding or otherwise participate in prostitution activities in any other way.

As you can see, the law allows prosecutors to charge almost any person who may be even slightly connected with prostitution-related activities. For this reason, many individuals who are actually not involved in prostitution schemes find themselves wrongfully arrested and charged.

Undercover law enforcement operations

A large number of prostitution cases stem from undercover police operations, often referred to as “sting” operations. These operations can take place in a number of ways to try to catch individuals engaging in prostitution-related activities. For example, an operation can involve the following:

  • An undercover female officer will try to get a man to agree to exchange money for sexual acts;
  • An undercover male officer will try to get a woman to agree to exchange a sexual act for money; or
  • Officers will place online advertisements or solicitations on websites such as Craigslist.org or Backpage.com to try to get individuals to respond and agree to activites related to prostitution.

Prostitution arrests have increased in recent years due to an increase in law enforcement efforts. This type of case often involves complex legal issues, so it is always imperative to have an attorney handling your case who knows how to defend charges that arise from undercover police operations.

Do not hesitate to call an experienced Coral Gables prostitution defense attorney today

There are many potential legal defenses for cases related to prostitution, however, properly asserting these defenses often requires extensive investigation, gathering of evidence, filing motions with the court, and much more. In order to have the best possible chance of avoiding conviction and the associated penalties, you should always contact a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after you are arrested or suspected of prostitution. Alfredo A Izaguirre is a Coral Gables prostitution defense attorney committed to helping defendants in and around Miami and Coral Gables fight against wrongful charges and uphold their rights. Call for a free consultation at 305-442-0425 to discuss your case today.

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