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Coral Gables Fraud Defense Attorney

The term “fraud” is used to describe a wide range of acts that can be charged as criminal offenses under Florida laws. Almost every fraud case has unique circumstances and may involve complicated details and evidence for both prosecution and defense. Though fraud is considered to be a white collar crime, it is often viewed as substantially less serious of a matter than physical or violent crimes. However, fraud charges still come with potentially harsh penalties and some fraud schemes can escalate to the point where suspects face many years in prison. Anyone accused of any type of criminally fraudulent activity in the Miami and Coral Gables area should have a skilled fraud defense attorney on their side who understands the nature of a complex fraud case. Let our Coral Gables fraud defense attorneys assist you.

Fraud can come in many forms

Florida prosecutors regularly target many different types of fraud offenses, most of which involve using some type of deceitful action in order to wrongfully obtain property or money from another individual. Some examples of fraud offense include the following:

  • Insurance fraud;
  • Credit card fraud;
  • Identity theft;
  • Investment fraud;
  • Mortgage fraud;
  • Check fraud;
  • Consumer fraud;
  • False personation to obtain any type of property; and
  • Making false statements or presenting false documents to obtain credit or property.

These are only a few examples of the many different acts covered under Florida criminal fraud laws. The penalties for any of these offenses can vary widely based on the extent of the fraud and the amount of property or money that was allegedly obtained in the process. However, many individuals convicted of fraud face extensive fines and even jail time.

Communications fraud and Organized fraud

In addition to individual acts of fraud, Florida further criminalizes schemes to defraud. In order for fraud to be considered a “scheme,” a prosecutor must prove that you were engaged in a “systematic, ongoing course of conduct” intended to wrongfully obtain money or property by using deceitful acts. There are two different charges regarding schemes to defraud under the Florida Communications Fraud Act:

Communications fraud — When you communicate with another person electronically, over the phone, or via mail with the intent of furthering a fraud scheme.

Organized fraud — When you engage in a fraud scheme and actually successfully obtain money or property fraudulently.

The penalties for both offenses depend upon the amount of property in question. For example, communications fraud is a first degree felony if the property was valued less than $300, and is a third degree felony if it is more than $300. Organized fraud carries more severe charges:

Property or monetary value Charge Maximum potential penalty
Less than $20,000 First degree felony 30 years in prison

$10,000 fine

$20,000 to $49,999 Second degree felony 15 years in prison

$10,000 fine

$50,000 or more Third degree felony 5 years in prison

$5,000 fine

Call a qualified Coral Gables fraud defense attorney as soon as possible for assistance

As you can see, fraud crimes are treated very seriously by the Florida criminal justice system. Fortunately, an experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to defend against fraud charges and limit the consequences you face as much as possible. If you are facing fraud allegations in Miami or Coral Gables, call the law office of Alfredo A. Izaguirre at 305-442-0425 to discuss your case for free. Our Coral Gables & Miami fraud defense attorneys can help.

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