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Alfredo A. Izaguirre P.A. - Aggressive, Effective & Dedicated Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Mr. Izaguirre thrives in the most complex and
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Attorney Alfredo A. Izaguirre interviewed by Telemundo news reporters on his thoughts and opinion about
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Coral Gables Criminal Defense Attorney

Fighting for Your Rights

Alfredo A. Izaguirre is a Coral Gables criminal defense lawyer in Miami, Florida serving clients in criminal or civil legal matters in both the state and federal courts in Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, Ft. Pierce, Ft. Myers and Florida statewide as well as throughout the United States. Specializing in criminal defense, Mr. Izaguirre thrives in the most complex and high-stakes cases where he uses his knowledge, skill and persistence to win freedom for his clients or obtain the best outcome possible under the circumstances. Mr. Izaguirre has tried some of the most complex cases in several districts of the country, including those stemming from international allegations, and has claimed victories in all arenas of the law, recently obtaining acquittals in federal court for a client on murder and kidnapping charges who was initially facing the death penalty. Contact our Coral Gables criminal defense attorneys today.

Representation at All Levels of the Legal Process

We provide clients with representation at all levels of the legal process, including the investigative, grand jury, trial, plea, post-conviction and appellate levels of the legal process, including the investigate, grand jury, trial, plea, post-conviction and appellate levels. No matter what stage of criminal proceedings you find yourself involved in, Mr. Izaguirre can provide solid advice and effective representation to get the best result. His wide breadth of experience does not end in trial. Notably, Mr. Izaguirre wrote and argued the winning appeal that forced the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to change the definition of what constitutes an identity theft victim. This was a decision that, according to the Daily Business Review, “could have ripple effects across the country on how courts sentence identity thieves.” In pre-arrest investigative phases, including grand jury proceedings, Mr. Izaguirre fights to prevent charges from being filed or control what charges are brought. If you have already been convicted, Mr. Izaguirre can help you with sentencing, appeals, asset forfeiture, probation violations or records clearance. In plea negotiations and at trial, Mr. Izaguirre is a skilled and tenacious advocate who is looking out for your best interests at all times.

Florida Criminal Law FAQs

Below are answers to some of the questions most frequently encountered by Alfredo Izaguirre in his practice as a criminal defense attorney in Miami and Florida statewide. These questions and answers are meant to provide general information regarding state and federal criminal law and procedure, but are not a substitute for legal advice regarding a particular situation. If you have other questions or need advice and representation in a legal matter, contact Alfredo Izaguirre, P.A. for a free consultation.

Q. Can the police search my car for drugs without my permission? Don’t they need a warrant?

A. While a warrant is often required before the police can conduct a search, there are many exceptions to the warrant requirement as well. The police know the law very well, and if they tell you they have the right to search your car, your person or your belongings, trying to obstruct them will likely only get you into more trouble. If their search was illegal, your attorney can deal with that fact later and have the evidence suppressed or get the case dismissed.

You are right not to give the police permission to search, though. In some cases, they may not have any cause to search unless you give them your consent. If the police ask your permission to search your car or your bag, etc. you are within your rights to respectfully decline.

Q. The police haven’t arrested me, but they say they just want to “ask me a few questions” to “clear up a couple of things.” If I refuse to talk to them, won’t it make me look guilty of something?

A. You may think that cooperating will help clear your name with the police or that refusing to cooperate will make you look guilty, but the fact is that the police would not be talking to you in the first place if they didn’t already suspect you of something; their purpose in questioning you is not to clear you as a suspect but to get you to say something incriminating or at least contradictory that they can later use against you at trial or even to obtain an arrest warrant in the first place. Your right to remain silent cannot be used against you, but anything you do say can and will. Why give the police ammunition to use against you later when you don’t have to?

Another important factor to consider is that lying to a federal agent is a federal crime. This law is written very broadly and could even include an innocent contradiction, such as if you said you were at a particular place on a particular day, but later you remember you were somewhere else. Federal agents are experts at getting you to make a contradictory statement, and once they have it, they can use the charge (which carries a penalty of up to five years in federal prison) to pressure you into doing what they want.

Q. I was caught with narcotics in my possession. Will I get a lighter sentence if I plead Guilty than if I force the government to go through a trial?

A. Although you may be able to obtain a more lenient sentence if you plead guilty, there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration to determine the appropriate steps to take when defending a criminal case. The outcome of a trial is never certain, and you will want to weigh the risks of a conviction against the best plea deal available. There are several factors to consider in making this determination, including the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case and your own defenses, whether there are mitigating factors in your favor, and whether the police or prosecution mishandled evidence or made other procedural or constitutional errors.

Remember that it is the prosecution’s job to prove that you committed every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt to a unanimous jury, which is not a simple task, especially if you are well-represented in your defense. Also consider the negative consequences pleading guilty could cause you, even if you avoid jail time. For instance, you could be barred from obtaining a professional license, or if you are an immigrant, you could become subject to deportation or have your application for naturalization denied.

If you do decide to plead guilty, don’t do so until your attorney has had the opportunity to talk with the prosecutors and negotiate the best deal available. You can generally enter a Not Guilty plea at your arraignment and later change your plea before trial if doing so is in your best interests.

Q. Can I refuse to take a breath test?

A. If you do, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended for one year, or longer if you have previously refused a test or have prior DUI convictions. Also, your refusal to take a test can be used as evidence against you in court. These consequences may be more severe than if you took the test, unless your blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit or there were other factors present that would enhance the penalty for a DUI.

Contact Our Experienced Coral Gables Criminal Attorney Today

Mr. Izaguirre is available any time day or night when you need him. Call 305-442-0425 or contact him online for a free consultation to find out how he can help you. Mr. Izaguirre is fluent in both English and Spanish and practices in state and federal courts in Miami and throughout Florida statewide. Let our Coral Gables criminal defense attorneys help you.

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What Clients Are Saying

  • I hired Mr. Izaguirre when my husband was arrested for a federal case. He was able to get my husband out on bond and for a federal crime my husband ended up with only probation. No one could believe the outcome that Mr. Izaguirre was able to achieve for my husband being that all the other individuals in the case were sent to jail.

    Mr. Izaguirre is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him for any criminal matter you may have. I was arrested during a fraud investigation and hired Mr. Izaguirre after I was out on bond. Mr. Izaguirre worked diligently on my case and kept me updated throughout its entirety. He looked at all of the evidence against me and was not afraid to go up against the federal prosecutors assigned to my case and resolved the case favorably for me.

    Mr. Izaguirre is professional and knowledgeable about all areas of the law. He was recommended to me after I was arrested and I was shocked at the outcome of my case. He is the best criminal defense attorney and I recommend him to everyone.

  • I am a former and current client of Alfredo Izaguirre. I first hired Mr. Izaguirre when I was arrested for a second time. He was able to achieve an outcome that I did not even believe possible. He never backed down or gave into the prosecution. Since that time, I have gone to Mr. Izaguirre for any legal services I have needed.

    When my father was arrested, I went to several attorneys before finally hiring Mr. Izaguirre. As soon as I began to talk to him, I knew I had made the right decision. He was knowledgeable about my father's situation and gave sound advice. Mr. Izaguirre was honest and never made promises that he could not keep. This was the first time my family had been in a situation like this and we were able to get in contact with Mr. Izaguirre, regardless of the time or day, and he answered all of our questions. He kept us informed and fought tirelessly on my father's behalf.

    I hired Mr. Izaguirre when my husband was arrested for a federal case. He was able to get my husband out on bond and for a federal crime my husband ended up with only probation. No one could believe the outcome that Mr. Izaguirre was able to achieve for my husband being that all the other individuals in the case were sent to jail.


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