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Coral Gables Medicare Fraud Attorney

Medicare fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers in the United States up to $60 billion every year, so it is no wonder that federal lawmakers and authorities take such fraudulent actions very seriously and prosecute Medicare crimes aggressively. All too often, however, individuals find themselves facing charges of fraud when, in reality, they simply made a mistake or an omission. In order to convict you of Medicare fraud, a prosecutor must prove that you intentionally and knowingly committed the offense. You always want to have a criminal defense attorney on your side who has extensive experience with this type of case in federal court and who knows how to successfully attack allegations that you intentionally committed healthcare fraud.

Different forms of Medicare fraud

Every Medicare case is different and the types of defendants and fraudulent acts can vary widely. Prosecutors regularly charge patients, healthcare providers, and even health insurance employees with Medicare fraud. The following are common ways that individuals can defraud the Medicare program for financial gain:

  • Double-billing;
  • Filing more than one claim for the same patient and service;
  • Providing services and billing for services because they are not covered by a patient’s insurance policy;
  • Filing claims and billing for services not actually provided; or
  • Offering kickbacks for referrals.

Though not all states have specific laws against healthcare fraud, federal laws can apply to an individual’s fraudulent actions in any of the 50 states or the District of Columbia. Federal laws punish many different kinds of actions including generally making false statements, making false claims to a government program, and other related actions.

Consequences of Medicare fraud offenses

A conviction for Medicare fraud can have many different consequences, including:

  • Three years or more of strict probation;
  • Five to 10 years in federal prison per offense;
  • Up to $250,000 fine per offense for individuals or up to $500,000 fine per offense for organizations; and
  • Restitution to pay back any funds that were fraudulently obtained.

Too many people believe that filing a false Medicare claim does not have much of an impact on anyone and does not cause actual harm and is, therefore, a relatively minor offense. However, because the federal government wants to deter people from defrauding government programs and agencies, the penalties for such fraud are very strict. A criminal conviction for fraud can further have a negative effect on your professional opportunities, your finances, and more.

An experienced Medicare fraud defense attorney can assist you

If you have been arrested or charged with Medicare fraud, it is highly important that you contact an attorney who has specific experience in federal fraud charges. Federal courts have different procedures and rules and an attorney must have the knowledge necessary to successfully represent you in front of a federal court. Alfredo A. Izaguirre, P.A., Attorney at Law, located in Miami and Coral Gables, Florida, knows how to skillfully and aggressively defend clients in federal criminal cases. Don’t hesitate to call the office today at 305-442-0425 to begin working on your case as soon as possible.

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