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Florida Money Laundering Defense Attorney

Money laundering is considered to be a white collar crime, which means it is a nonviolent offense with financial motivations. Simply because it is considered to be nonviolent does not mean that the penalties are not serious, as individuals convicted of money laundering likely face felony charges and a significant jail sentence if convicted. Anyone who is under investigation for money laundering or has already been placed under arrest should contact an experienced Florida money laundering defense attorney as soon as possible.

What is money laundering?

Specifically, you may find yourself facing money laundering charges under Florida law if a prosecutor believes you are trying to conceal the proceeds of another type of illegal activity. For example, many money laundering cases allegedly involve the profits made from one or more of the following:

Once an individual has the proceeds of any illegal activity, they will need to conceal the source of the money in a way that it will not raise suspicion of authorities. Money launderers often use offshore accounts, false businesses, cash dealings, deposits into legitimate financial institutions, and more to “launder” money from dirty sources.

Money laundering cases often involve significant investigation into the possible sources of funds used in suspicious transactions. During this investigation, authorities and prosecutors will be searching for any type of evidence to use against you. An experienced defense attorney can help during the investigation–even before you are arrested–to make sure that law enforcement officers are not violating any of your constitutional rights and to communicate with authorities on your behalf to avoid any unintentionally incriminating statements.

Penalties for money laundering can be serious

If you are charged with money laundering, the potential penalties you face will depend largely on the amount of money the prosecutor claims that you laundered. Some possible penalties are as follows:

Amount of Money Charge Maximum Prison Sentence
$301 to $19,999 3rd degree felony Five years
$20,000 to $99,999 2nd degree felony 15 years
$100,000 and up 1st degree felony 30 years

These penalties can also be in addition to any you face for an underlying criminal case. If the prosecutor believes you obtained the money through a drug operation, your prison sentence for money laundering may be on top off any sentence for drug trafficking. In this type of situation, you want a defense lawyer who knows how to successfully defend against not only the money laundering charge but also any accompanying charges you face, as well.

How an experienced criminal defense attorney in Miami and Coral Gables can help you

A qualified money laundering defense lawyer can guide you through every step of your criminal case, from investigation to arrest to negotiations to trial, if necessary. Attorney Alfredo A. Izaguirre is committed to building individualized and aggressive defense strategies for criminal defendants in Florida, so please do not delay in calling our office at 305-442-0425 today if you need assistance with any type of case.


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