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Coral Gables Federal Money Laundering Attorney

Money laundering is a white collar criminal offense in which the offender uses different techniques to mask the fact that the money came from illegal activity. There are many different ways to launder money and these cases are often very complicated and can involve several different parties and many different kinds of evidence. Federal money laundering laws provide for very harsh penalties, especially in cases involving large sums of money or complex money laundering schemes that took place over a long period of time. Anyone who is being questioned or who has been arrested on suspicion of federal money laundering should contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney in Miami and Coral Gables as soon as possible.

Penalties for money laundering under federal law

Though white collar crimes do not cause bodily injury to another person, these crimes can cause financial ruin for victims and are, therefore, punished severely by federal law. Individuals convicted of money laundering in federal court can face the following consequences and more:

  • A fine up to $500,000 or two times the value of the money allegedly involved in the scheme; and/or
  • Up to 20 years in federal prison.

These charges and penalties will be in addition to any charges stemming from the illegal activity that made the money laundering necessary. For example, if a member of a drug cartel tried to conceal dirty money, they may face money laundering charges as well as drug trafficking charges.

Defenses against money laundering

An experienced defense attorney has several different ways to defend against your charges, depending on the circumstances of your case. Some common defense include as follows:

  • Insufficient evidence — In order to convict of money laundering, a prosecutor must present adequate evidence to prove both that you had an intent to launder money and that the money came from an underlying crime. A defense lawyer can attack the sufficiency of the evidence to claim that these elements have not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • DuressIf another person threatened harm to you or your family if you did not conceal the origin of money for them, you can claim that you only committed the offense due to duress.
  • No intention to commit a crime — Accountants or other financial professionals may not even realize that the transactions they are performing constitute money laundering. If you are not aware that you are committing a crime, the prosecutor will not meet the “intent” requirement.

Call the law firm of Alfredo Izaguirre for help with your money laundering case today

If you are under investigation for money laundering or have been arrested by federal authorities, your first call should be to the law office of experienced criminal defense attorney Alfredo A. Izaguirre to discuss how he can help you. Money laundering cases can be highly complicated with many different types of allegations and evidence, so you need an attorney who can handle cases with such complexities. We strive for the best possible results in every individual case, so please call our office at 305-442-0425 for assistance today.

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