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Coral Gables Federal Conspiracy to Import Drugs Attorney

The United States Controlled Substances Import and Export Act makes it unlawful for anyone to import any type of controlled substance into the United States for purposes of distribution or sale. The law also prohibits conspiring to import drugs, and an individual could be facing drug conspiracy charges even if the actual importation never occurred. Drug charges under federal conspiracy laws are often aggressively prosecuted and can carry severe penalties, since the law considers a group of people working together more dangerous than a single isolated offender. Federal prosecutors often target drug rings or other groups of people cooperating to traffic drugs and can charge everyone they believe to be involved with conspiracy as well as any completed offenses and any foreseeable offenses committed by any other member of the conspiracy.

Anyone facing such charges should consult with a criminal defense attorney who knows how to defend federal drug charges as soon as possible. These cases can be complicated and involve many different types of evidence, so you always want an attorney who has a thorough understanding of conspiracy cases.

Elements of conspiracy crimes

In order to convict you of conspiracy to import drugs, a prosecutor is required to present sufficient evidence to prove that you agreed with at least one other person to commit a criminal offense–in this case, to import drugs into the U.S. You are not required to be aware of the identities of others in the conspiracy to be found guilty and you do not have to actually import the controlled substance to face conspiracy charges. There are many legal defenses possible in conspiracy cases to disprove one or more elements of the charge and an experienced lawyer will know how to identify which defenses may work in your case.

Penalties of conspiracy to import

The penalties for conspiracy to import depend upon the type and amount of controlled substance in question. For example:


Type and Amount Imprisonment Fine
Heroin – Less than 100 gramsCocaine – Less than 500 gramsEcgonine – Less than 500 grams  Up to 20 years Up to $5 million
Heroin – 100 to 999 gramsCocaine – 500 to 4999 gramsEcgonine – 500 to 4999 grams  5 to 40 years Up to $25 million
Heroin – 1 kilogram or moreCocaine – 5 kilograms or moreEcgonine – 5 Kilograms or more  10 years to a life sentence Up to $50 million


These penalties only increase if you have any prior drug convictions or if the importation or any other offenses actually took place.

An experienced federal criminal defense attorney can help you

Facing drug conspiracy charges in federal court is an extremely serious matter. The sooner you contact an experienced and skilled defense lawyer, the sooner your lawyer can begin collecting evidence and building an aggressive defense strategy in your case. If you are under suspicion of conspiracy to import drugs or if you have already been arrested, your first call should be to the law firm of Alfredo A. Izaguirre. We have extensive experience defending individuals in and around Miami and Coral Gables defend against federal crimes, so call today at 305-442-0425 for help.

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